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      ABOUT US

      Company Culture
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      Company philosophy:

      Take “to be a supplier of digital printing functional materials with creativity and development vitality” as our mission, while providing high-quality, safe and environmental friendly products and services to customers in various industries.


      (1) Provide high-quality inkjet inks at competitive prices;

      (2) Constantly improve R&D abilities and production efficiency;

      (3) Take “protect the environment” as our mission and provide environmentally friendly products;

      (4) Constantly improve the products’ quality;

      (5) Explore new applications of digital inkjet ink.

      Core values:

      (1) Pragmatic: down-to-earth, seeking truth and being pragmatic;

      (2) Honest: being honest and achieve win-win;

      (3) Innovation: innovation-driven, dare to make breakthrough.

      Company Vision:

      (1) To be the global leading provider of digital printing materials and solutions;

      (2) Innovatively expanding the applications of inkjet technology in the industrial field;

      (3) Providing high-quality, safe and environmental friendly products and services

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